47 Vestal Bus Stops

47 Vestal Bus Stops 

Which direction are you going?


Outbound - Binghamton Univerisity to Town Square Mall  or

Inbound - Town Square Mall to Binghamton University ?



47 Outbound Stops

Bus Route Direction Street Intersection Landmark Shelter Report  Missing Stop
47 Outbound Binghamton Univerisity  Student Union Student Union X  ?
47 Outbound Binghamton University  BU Power Plant Across from BU Power Plant X  ? 
47 Outbound Bunn Hill Rd 434 South Side Across from Denny's    ? 
47 Outbound SR 434 W University Square near Chuck E Cheese    ?
47 Outbound Campus Plaza   Rite Aid    ? 
47 Outbound Vestal Rd Gates Rd Grace Point Church    ? 
47 Outbound Vestal Rd Commerce Rd National Pipe    ?
47 Outbound N. Jensen Rd  Vestal Rd Citgo Fuel Tanks     ? 
47 Outbound N. Jensen Rd  Brentwood Place Across from Puglisi Tax Svc     ? 
47 Outbound N Jensen Rd.  Stewart Rd. Best Buy   ?
47 Outbound Jensen Rd. Parkway Plaza  East Entrance Backside of Kohls   ?
47 Outbound Burris Rd.    Riviera Ridge Apts    ?
47 Outbound Burris Rd.  Royal St  Holly Brook Apts    ?
47 Outbound Burris Rd.  Rano Blvd   Stop Pic   ?
47 Outbound Rano Blvd Entrance to Parkway Plaza Stop Pic   ?
47 Outbound Parkway Plaza  Target  Near West corner of Target    ?
47 Outbound Sycamore St  Stewart Rd Burger King
47 Outbound Sycamore St Shippers Rd Lourdes Vestal   ?
47 Outbound Town Square Mall  Across from Barnes & Noble  Across from Barnes & Noble    ?
47 Outbound Town Square Mall   Payless Shoes  Payless Shoes    ?


47 Inbound Stops 


Route Direction Street Intersection Landmark Shelter Report Missing Stop
47 Inbound  Town Square Mall Payless Shoes Payless Shoes     ?
47 Inbound SR 434 African Rd Shoppes of Vestal    ? 
47 Inbound Sycamore St Town Square Mall Sam's Club    ?
47 Inbound Parkway Plaza Target Near West corner of  Target    
47 Inbound Rano   Anthos Apts    
47 Inbound Burris Rd Rano  Stop Pic     ?
47 Inbound Burris Rd Royal St  Stop Pic     ?
47 Inbound Burris Rd Jensen Rd  Stop Pic     ?
47 Inbound Jensen Rd  Chalburn Rd.   Stop Pic     ?
47 Inbound Jensen Rd Century United Way   ?
47 Inbound N. Jensen Rd.  Stewart Rd.   Green Acres     ?
47 Inbound N. Jensen Rd. Brentwood Pl.    Bethel Baptist Church     ?
47 Inbound N. Jensen Rd. Vestal Rd.   Mirabito Fuels      ?
47 Inbound Vestal Rd. Schnubmehl Rd.  Across from Audio Classics     ?
47 Inbound Vestal Rd.   Gates Rd. Willow Point Nursing Home       ?
47 Inbound Vestal Rd.  Andrea Dr. Westminster Apartments     ?
47 Inbound Bunn Hill Rd.  Campus Plaza Rite Aid     ?
47 Inbound Bunn Hill Rd.   434 (South Side)  Denny's     ?
47 Inbound Binghamton University Power Plant Power Plant     ?
47 Inbound Binghamton University School of Management School of Management   ?
47 Inbound Binghamton University Student Union Student Union     ?


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18 Inbound Stops





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