55 Endwell Shuttle Inbound Stops

55 Endwell Shuttle

Inbound Bus Stops 

Which direction are you going? 

Inbound - Endwell to Endicott to Vestal or

Outbound - Vestal to Endicott to Endwell

 Bus Route  Direction  Street  Intersection  Landmark Shelter  Report Missing Stop
   55  Inbound Park Manor Dr  Plaza Drive     ?
    55  Inbound Hooper Rd Marion Apts      ?
  55  Inbound Hooper Rd Pheasant Stop Pic   ?
    55  Inbound Hooper Rd  Pruyne Across from M&T Bank    ?
    55  Inbound Country Club   Doyleson Dunkin Donuts    ?
    55  Inbound  Country Club  Patterson Stop Pic     ?
    55  Inbound  Country Club  Beckwith Visions FCU     ?
    55  Inbound  Country Club  University Stop Pic     ?
    55  Inbound  Country Club  Colgate Stop Pic    ?
    55  Inbound  Country Club  Taft A Class Act Salon     ?
    55  Inbound  Pine  Squires Close Quarters Restaurant    ?
    55  Inbound  Pine  Hill Stop Pic    ?
    55  Inbound  Pine  Oak Hill Rd Across from Rossi's   ?
    55  Inbound  Oak Hill  Jenkins  Stop Pic    ?
    55  Inbound  Oak Hill  Witherall Northside Park    ?
    55  Inbound  Oak Hill  Clarke      ?
   55 Inbound Washington Ave. North St. Ruby & Sons     ?
   55 Inbound Washington Ave. Broad St. Post Office     ?
   55 Inbound Washington Ave. Main St. Across from Wendy's      ?
   55 Inbound  E. Main St.  Lincoln Ave.  Across from Union-Endicott High     ?
   55 Inbound  E. Main St  Harrison St.  Medical Arts Bldg.      ?
   55 Inbound  Vestal Ave  River Terrace  Riverview Apts     ?
   55 Inbound N. Main St.    Stage Rd. Across from Advance Auto Parts    ?
   55 Inbound Vestal Pkwy E Clayton Ave Magic City Carwash    ?
  55 Inbound Vestal Pkwy E Airborne Jo Ann Fabrics    
  55 Inbound Vestal Pkwy E Lourdes Medical Associates    
  55 Inbound Vestal Pkwy E Ridgehaven American Family Fitness    
   55 Inbound Vestal Pkwy E African Rd. Vestal Vetrinary Hospital   ?
   55 Inbound  Town Square Mall Payless Shoes Payless Shoes     ?


  ** Flag Stop - Driver will let you board or leave the bus on request near your destination at a place where they can safely pull over.

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