59 West Corners Shuttle Inbound Stops

59 West Corners Shuttle

Inbound Bus Stops 

Which direction are you going? 

Inbound - West Corners to Endicott to Vestal or 

Outbound - Vestal to Endicott to West Corners?

Bus Route Direction Street Intersection Landmark Shelter Report Missing Stop
  59 Inbound  Glendale Rd  Jane Lacy Dr      ?
  59 Inbound  Day Hollow Rd  SR 26  Weis    ?
          Route 59 has flag stops after turning right on Union Center Main Hwy to Washington Ave, Endicott.  Flag stops allow you to get on and off the bus at areas the operator identifies as safe.  Either ask the driver where you can safely leave the bus near your destination or if waiting for a bus, flag down the driver.
  59 Inbound Washington Ave  North St Ruby & Sons    ?
  59 Inbound   Washington Ave Broad US Post Office    ?
  59 Inbound   Washington Ave  Main St Across from Wendy's    ?
  59 Inbound Main St Lincoln Ave Across from Union Endicott High    ?
  59 Inbound Main St  Harrison St Medical Arts Bldg    ?
  59 Inbound Vesal Ave  River Terrace River Terrace Apts     ?
  59 Inbound Vestal Rd  N Main St Warner's Gas     ?
  59 Inbound Vestal Rd Vestal Lane Former Vestal Nursing Home    ?  
  59 Inbound Vestal Rd Oak St Private Residence    ?
  59 Inbound Vestal Rd Maple New Hope Presbyterian    ?
  59 Inbound Vestal Rd Orchard St Private Residence     ?
  59 Inbound Vestal Rd African Across from Pete's Legacy Diner    
  59 Inbound African Rd Vestal Pkwy Shoppes of Vestal      ?
  59 Inbound Town Square Mall   TJ Maxx    ?


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