7 Clinton St Bus Stops

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 7 Clinton St Bus Stops 

Which direction are you going?

Outbound - BC Junction to Clinton St to Johnson City or

Inbound - Johnson City to Clinton St to BC Junction? 

RouteDirectionStreetIntersectionLandmarkShelterReport Missing Stop?
 7OutboundProspect Ave Henry St BC Junction  X Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound  Court StWater St Boscov's   Report Missing Stop?
  7OutboundFront St North St Tri Cities Apts Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Front StGerard St   Across from Botnick Dealership  Report Missing Stop?
  7OutboundClinton St Oak St Stop Pic   Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Clinton St  Murray St Pat's Hairstyling  Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Clinton St  Mygatt St GBHC Community Center  Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Clinton St  St Cyril Ave St Cyril Church  Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Clinton St  Hudson StAcross from former DMV Report Missing Stop? 
  7Outbound Clinton St  CharlesAcross from Paradise Hair World  Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Clinton St  Jarvis St Across from Manley's  Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Clinton St  Colfax AveAcross from Roger's Service Group   Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Clinton St  Holland StKovarik Hardware  Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Clinton St  Wilson St Across from Lindsey's Laundry Service  Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Clinton St Janette Ave   Across from Dollar General  Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Clinton St  Glenwood Ave Holy Spirit Byzantine Catholic Church  Report Missing Stop?
  7OutboundGlenwood Ave Julian St Across from Hess Express  Report Missing Stop?
  7OutboundGlenwood Ave Judson Ave  Grace Tabernacle Community Center   Report Missing Stop?
 7OutboundGlenwood AveProspect StMatty B's Report Missing Stop
  7 Outbound Glenwood True StNear Rte 17 Overpass  Report Missing Stop
 7 Outbound Glenwood SunsetStop Pic  Report Missing Stop
 7 Outbound Glenwood Maiden LaneStop Pic  Report Missing Stop
 7 OutboundEly ParkBldg G-H   Report Missing Stop


 Outbound Ely ParkBldg U-V   Report Missing Stop
 7 Outbound Ely ParkBldg 56-59   Report Missing Stop
 7 Outbound Ely Park Community Bldg   Report Missing Stop
 7 Outbound Ely Park Shelter   Report Missing Stop
 7 Outbound Ely Park Bldg 12-15   Report Missing Stop
 7 Outbound Ely Park Cul-de-sac   Report Missing Stop
 7Outbound Ely Park Cul-de-sac   Report Missing Stop
 7Outbound Ely Park Bldg 12-15   Report Missing Stop
 7Outbound Ely Park Shelter   Report Missing Stop
 7Outbound Ely Park Community Bldg   Report Missing Stop
 7Outbound Ely Park Bldg 56-59   Report Missing Stop
 7Outbound Ely Park Bldg U-V   Report Missing Stop
 7Outbound Ely Park Bldg 56-59   Report Missing Stop
 7OutboundEly Park Bldg U-V   Report Missing Stop
 7OutboundEly Park Bldg G-H   Report Missing Stop
 7OutboundGlenwood BOCES Stop Pic  Report Missing Stop
 7OutboundGlenwoodMaidenStop Pic  Report Missing Stop
 7Outbound GlenwoodBroome Developmental   Report Missing Stop
 7OutboundGlenwood Sunset   Report Missing Stop
 7OutboundGlenwoodSowdenStop Pic  Report Missing Stop
 7OutboundGlenwood Prospect Stop Pic  Report Missing Stop
  7Outbound Prospect StMerrill St Church of the Holy Trinity   Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Prospect St Airport Rd Prospect Terrace Fire Station  Report Missing Stop?
 7OutboundGannettPavillonWalmart Super Center   Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Lester Ave Rte 17 Overpass  Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Harry L DrAlbany AveCacciatores Restaurant   Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Harry L Dr Pearl Ave  Rossi's Pizza  Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Harry L DrMyrtle Ave Harry L Pub   Report Missing Stop?
  7Outbound Harry L DrJay St Across from Kwik Fill   Report Missing Stop?
  7OutboundHarry L Dr  N. ArchCVS  Report Missing Stop?
  7OutboundHarry L Dr    N HudsonAcross from America's Attic   Report Missing Stop?
  7OutboundHarry L Dr   Small MallSmall Mall   Report Missing Stop?
  7OutboundHarry L Dr Reynolds RdFriendly's Report Missing Stop?
  7OutboundOakdale Mall Arby's Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundOakdale Mall Arby's  Report Missing Stop?
  7Inbound Harry L Dr  Weis Markets  Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundHarry L Dr   North Side Park   Report Missing Stop?
 7InboundHarry L Dr N. Harrison StTherapeutic Day Spa  Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundHarry L Dr N Broad St Across from Harry L Apartments   Report Missing Stop?
  7Inbound Harry L DrJay St Kwik Fill  Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundHarry L Dr  Myrtle Ave Ave Maria Catholic Shops  Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundHarry L Dr  Lester AveSo Jealous Hair   Report Missing Stop?
  7Inbound Harry L DrVirginia Ave PMP Deli   Report Missing Stop?
  7Inbound Harry L DrAirport Rd  Arrowhead Books  Report Missing Stop?
 7InboundGannett AvPavillionJohnson City Walmart  Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundProspect St  Columbus StPolish Community Center   Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundProspect StGlenwood Ave Across from Matty B's    Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundGlenwood Ave Downs Ave  Community Center   Report Missing Stop?
  7Inbound Glenwood AveMiles St Mar-Cons Hairstyling  Report Missing Stop?
  7Inbound Glenwood Ave Belknap AveHess Express   Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundClinton St Glenwood Ave Across from Holy Sprirt Byzantine Church  Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundClinton St Wilson St  Community Treatment Rehab  Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundClinton St  Holland St Across from Kovarik Hardware  Report Missing Stop?
  7Inbound Clinton St  Colfax AveRoger's Service Group  Report Missing Stop?
  7Inbound  Clinton St Jarvis St Manley's Mart  X Report Missing Stop?
  7Inbound Clinton St  Charles StDept of Motor Vehicles   Report Missing Stop?
  7Inbound Clinton St Crandall St Across from Lincoln Hotel  Report Missing Stop?
  7Inbound Clinton St Titchner Pl   Report Missing Stop?
  7Inbound Clinton StMurray St Across from Camelot Jewelers  Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundClinton St  Oak St  Luke's Antiques  Report Missing Stop?
  7InboundClinton St   Front StNear Botnick    Report Missing Stop?
 7InboundWater StE Clinton St Double Tree Hotel Report Missing Stop?
 7InboundChenango StHenry StBC Junction   Report Missing Stop?

 57 Outbound Stops, 29 Inbound Stops