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ADA Compliance - The Broome County Department of Public Transporation strives to accomodate passengers with disabilitites in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act. The Department's four services utilize vehicles which are wheel chair accessible.  If you live in the urban area of Broome County (Binghamton, Johnson City, Endicott, Endwell or Vestal), our fixed route system may be able to suit your traveling needs.  More about the fixed route accessibility is found below.  If you live in the urban area, and have special needs not allowing you to use our fixed route system, we offer the BC Lift for you.   Rural residents may use BC Country.   The OFA Mini-bus is for seniors over age 60 who reside in urban area of Broome County. 

Wheelchair Accessibility (fixed route):
B.C. Transit fixed route buses are accessible to people using mobility aide devices. Specific questions can be answered by calling the B.C. Transit office at 607.763.4464.

For Your Safety:  Riders in wheelchairs or similar mobility aides must be facing forward while the bus is in motion.

Kneelers and Ramps (fixed route):
Our drivers will lower ramps and kneelers, or make other accomodations upon request for easier accessibility. You do not need to show a Broome County Handicap Identification Card to have the bus lowered.

Service Animals:
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, service animals are allowed on buses. Service animals must be under control by the person with disabilities at all times, and must not occupy a seat and must either sit on the floor, or on the persons lap.  B.C. Transit staff reserve the right to ask what service the animal performs.   In addition we have a right to ask the owner to remove the service animal from the bus if 1) the animal is out of control and the animal's owner does not take effective action to control it, or 2) poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

Braille Schedules 


All bus schedules are available in Braille for persons with vision impairments.  Call us at 607.763.4464, option 3 or email us.  [MORE]


Announcing of Major Stops (Routed buses):

It is the policy of the Broome County Department of Public Transportation to comply with the US Department of Transportation regulation 49 CFR Section 37.167.

b) On fixed route systems, the entity shall announce stops as follows:

  1)  The entity shall announce stops at least at transfer points with other fixed routes, other major intersections and destination points, and intervals along the route sufficient to permit individuals with visual impairments or other disabilities to be oriented to their location.

 2)  The entity shall announce any stop upon request of an individual with a disability.

c) Where vehicles or other conveyances for than one route serve the same stop, the entity shall provide a means by which an individual with a visual impairment or other othe disability can identify the proper vehicle to enter or be identified to the vehicle operator as a person seeking a ride on a particular route.    

Please note . . .

  • There are designated areas on the bus for passengers with disabilities using mobility aids. Such passengers have priority in these seating locations at all times.
  • Mobility aids must not block the aisle or interfere with the safety of other passengers. Wheelchair wheels must be locked before the bus is in motion. 
  • Reduced rates are available for persons with disabilities.  Find more>>>

More information about services available for people with disabilities in Broome County can be found at the Southern Tier Independence Center.   Those with vision impairments may wish to contact the Association of Vision Rehabilitation and Employment.


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