Bus Fare (Fixed Route Buses)

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Now accepting most major credit cards at the BC Junction and Administration Office.

Rates as of  January 1, 2013 are as follows: 

 Fare Type  Fare
 Regular Cash Fare  $2.00
 Person with Disabilities (Am I eligible?)  $1.00
 Senior Citizen 65 Years Plus (Am I eligible?)  $1.00
 Medicare Card Holder (Am I eligible?)  $1.00
 Children Under Age 5 (when accompanied by an adult)  FREE
 Veterans - with Broome County Veterans ID card $1.00
 Transfers (valid for 1 hour after purchase at transfer points)  FREE
 22 Single Ride Pass Packet (deducts one ride each trip)  $40.00
 11 Two Ride Passes  $40.00 
 12 Ride Pass (purchase only at Weis Markets)  $20.00
 31 Day Pass  $70.00
 31 Day Pass for Senior Citizens 65 years plus (Am I eligible?)  $44.00
 31 Day Pass for Persons with Disabilities (Am I eligible?)  $44.00
 31 Day Pass with current Medicare Card (Am I eligible?)  $44.00
 31 Day Pass for Full Time Students (Am I eligible?)  $44.00
  7 Day Pass  $25.00 
  1 Day Pass  $5.00

Where Can I Buy Bus Passes?

Bus passes can be purchased at: 

1) BC Junction Office

2) Administration Office in Vestal

3) Any Greater Binghamton area Weis Market

Cash fare can be paid on the bus.   We accept US currency.  No pennies are accepted.  Once purchased, BC Transit does not issue refunds for passes.

Reduced Rate Information

Senior Citizens 65 and older with valid identification*  - $1.00 half fare has no time restrictions. The $44.00 31 Day E/D Pass is valid anytime until expiration.  See more>>>

**Person with disabilities with valid identification -  $1.00 half fare has no time restrictions. The $44.00 31 Day E/D Pass is valid anytime until expiration.  Person must present a BC Transit person with disabilities ID card, ADA card, or Medicare Card.

Medicare Card Holder - $1.00 half fare has no time restrictions. The $44.00 31 Day E/D Pass is valid anytime until expiration.  What does a Medicare Card look like? 

Veteran - $1.00 half fare upon displaying Broome County Veteran's ID Card.

One of these cards must be presented to qualify for reduced rates.

***Student - $2.00 one way fare or $44.00 for a 31 Day Student Pass.  User must be a student actively attending an accredited school located in Broome County.

Children under age 5 when accompanied by an adult - Free

* Senior Citizens 65 and older must show a validated Office for Aging Card, Medicare Card or other official government issued documentation confirming age.  Office for the Aging Cards are available at all OFA senior community centers and at the OFA office found on the 4th floor of the Broome County Office Building 44 Hawley Street, Binghamton, NY.

**Persons with disabilities must show valid Medicare Card, letter from physician not more than 1 year old from time of purchase, SSI/SSD award or other official documentation.  Persons with disabilities may also obtain a Broome County handicap identification card by visiting the Broome County Security Division located at the Broome County Office Building at 44 Hawley Street, Binghamton, NY during the office hours of 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If you cannot come during these times please call the Broome County Security Division at 607.778.2107. To expedite processing, the security division asks that you bring proof of the disability and a picture ID.

*** Purchaser must be a student actively attending an accredited school located in Broome County.

Working parents with dependent children may qualify for a free W.E.R.C. pass.

Customer Responsiblities for Pass Use


These are BC Transit policies for using bus passes and ride cards on the fixed route system:

  • Each passenger is responsible for the care and use of their bus pass.  
  • The Department does not replace lost or stolen passes.  
  • The Department does not replace or validate passes that are damaged or otherwise altered through customer use.
  • Sharing of all 31 day passes is strictly prohibited.  One pass is allowed per person. 
  • You may share ridecards which deduct one ride for each trip.  
  • Once purchased, BC Transit does not issue refunds for passes. 
  • Change cards cannot be redeemed for cash.  They may be used to pay for full or partial fare on your next ride.








Transfers are free and are valid for 1 hour after time of issue.  They are valid only at designated transfer points on the fixed route system.  Transfers are good for one continuous one way trip on the next connecting bus.  You may transfer more than once as one continuous trip.  

NOTE: You cannot use a transfer on a different bus on the same bus route whether or not the bus is traveling in the same or opposite direction. For example you cannot board the outbound 8 Front St at the BC Junction get off at the Health Department and use the transfer on the inbound 8 Front St 30 minutes later. 

Transfers will not be accepted by the driver at non - transfer points or any trip that returns the passenger to the area in which the tranfer was initially issued.  You will be asked by the driver to present valid fare.

Special Rules  for the 35o.  Due to overcrowding, BC Transit added service on the 35 from BC Junction to the Oakdale Mall.  You may transfer from the 35 Oakdale Mall (35o) at the Oakdale Mall as necessary. Drivers will not accept the transfer if you are traveling in the opposite direction.   


Transfers - Must be used at designated transfer points.



Transfer points
Street Intersection City
BC Junction   Binghamton
Front St Main St Binghamton
Robinson St Chenango St Binghamton
Prospect St Glenwood St Binghamton
Park Ave Vestal Ave Binghamton
Park n Ride SR 12A Binghamton
Main St Willow St Johnson City
Oakdale Mall   Johnson City
Binghamton University   Vestal
Town Square Mall   Vestal
Washington Ave Monroe St Endicott
Hooper Rd Country Club Rd Endwell




Did you know?

No longer will you need exact fare when riding B.C. Transit. Our fare boxesCurrency

accept coins, $1, $5, $10, $20 bills in U.S. currency only. If you use more money than is required for a single ride, a change card will eject from the fare box, providing you with full or partial fare for your next ride(s).

Please Note :  Change cards cannot be redeemed for cash.