Bus Fare (Fixed Route Buses)

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Cash Fare

Regular Cash Fare: $2.00

Reduced Cash Fare: $1.00

We offer reduced cash fare to: 

To qualify for reduced fare, you must show a qualifying reduced fare ID card to the driver before inserting money in the farebox.  

We accept U.S. currency in bills and coins.  We do not accept pennies.   Drivers cannot make change. If you pay more than the required fare, you will be issued a change card which is good for your next ride. Please have your fare ready when boarding. 

Learn how to pay your cash fare.

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Ride Cards

22 Ride Cards: $40.00

12 Ride Cards: $20.00 (Weis only)

At area Weis Markets, you may purchase 12 individual ride cards or 12 rides on a single card.

Ride cards allow you to pay as you go. You can use one card today and another in a few weeks.  When using ride cards, a transfer ticker may be necessary to complete your trip. 

Learn more about using your ride card. 

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Bus Passes

1 Day Regular Pass: $5.00 (Also sold on the bus)

7 Day Regular Pass: $25.00

31 Day Regular Pass: $70.00

31 Day Elderly/Person with Disabilities Pass: $44.00 

31 Day Student Pass: $44.00

We offer reduced rate passes to:

A bus pass provides with you unlimited rides for 1, 7, or 31 consecutive days.  When you first use your bus pass it activates and you will see the first use date and end date.  

Transfers are not needed nor issued when using a bus pass. 

Learn more about using your bus pass. 

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